Aer Lingus Bowls Club

Aer Lingus Bowls Club

A.G.M. 2016


Minutes of 27th Annual General Meeting


Held on 26th Sept 2016




The President Joe Tyrrell welcomed everyone to the Clubs 27th A G M.


He called for a Minutes silence for all deceased members of the club.


He thanked the committee for their co-operation and hard work during the year, also the team captains for their efforts in running the various teams and all who helped, at the various club events during the year




Walter Doyle, Mark O’Looney, John Conway.


Notice Convening the Meeting


The Notice convening the meeting was read.


Minutes of 2015 AGM


The minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting were taken as read by the Hon Secretary, Des Walsh proposed and Tommy Doyle seconded that they be accepted, Signed by the President.



Matters arising from minutes


Joe Fitzsimons asked what had happened with the motion to add further details to the league tables as had been submitted by Aer Lingus. The situation was that this was to be looked at by the WebMaster and if feasible that he would attend to it.There were no other matters arising.


Hon Secretaries Report


The Hon Sec’s report which had been circulated to the members earlier be taken as read was proposed by Mike Craven and seconded by Tommy Doyle.


Matters Arising


There were no matters arising


Hon Treasurers Report


The Hon. Treasurers report was circulated to all who attended the meeting and Ed. Farrell went through the report and answered all questions put to him regarding some of the figures contained therein. He apologised for the figures and explained that it took nine days for him to obtain Bank Statements.


Nicky Brown proposed and Tommy Doyle seconded that the report be accepted.


Report of Team Captains


Ladies Div. 2.


Norina Savage said that that the team had finished in 4th position with 37 points, behind Westmanstown which was a good place, Leinster won the league with 59.5 points with Greystones in second position. She thanked all the ladies for their co-operation . She said that the Division 2 was now down to three rinks rather than 4 as had been the case previously. Norina urged the ladies to look at the league for the 2017 season.


Norina said that not too many of the lady bowlers had entered the LBLI Championships for 2016 but congratulated Anne O’Meara and K. Smyth for their successes in the said Championships. She thanked all who helped out during the year and particularly during the Classic week-end. The numbers for the classic were slightly down on last year and this year, 2016, it was won by Skerries.


Winter League


Pauline Dargan reported that the team performed as well as they could and finished mid way down the table. Pauline thanked all who had participated and said that the team had never gone out short.




Des Walsh said that the team had finished mid way in the league but had performed well. Des said that they had used some of the new members.


Men’s League Div. 4


Mike Craven thanked everybody who had participated and said that they had finished about mid table. Mike said that throughout the season there was a good turnout but went out one week short.


Men’s League Div1


The captain Joe Tyrrell, said that the 2016 season was not the ideal situation to find ourselves in as the team had gone out on several occasions short. Notwithstanding this we finished in fourth position which in the circumstances was very good. He thanked all of the persons who had played continuously during the year and especially the players from the second team who had on numerous occasions turned out and many of them with veery short notice. He said that the year had been very strenuous in that he found at numerouis times still looking for players on the Saturday morning of the game. The captain said that there was a lot of good people in the club and said that hoped that they would bring the club forward in the future.


Coaching for all club members would take place in the club on Wednesday morning 28th September at 11.00a.m. and all were welcome.




The following members were elected ;-


Position Nomination Proposed by Seconded by


President Des Walsh Ed Farrell Tommy Doyle


Vice President Pauline Gargan Norina Savage Ed Farrell


Hon. Secretary Joe Fitzsimons Ed Farrell Norina Savage


Hon. Treasurer Ed Farrell Ann Maguire Tommy Doyle


Lady Captain Norina Savage Kay Smyth Des Walsh


Men’s Captain Shay Tyrrell Ed Farrell Joe Tyrrell


Committee Kay Smyth Tommy Doyle Ed Farrell


Committee Ann Walsh Kay Smyth Des Walsh


Committee Ann Maguire Ed Farrell Norina Savage


Committee Tommy Doyoe Ann Maguire Kay Smyth


It was stated to those attending the meeting that Shay Tyrrell was going forward for a position within the BLI and that if he obtained that post then he would resign from the position as Captain and that Ed Farrell would take the captains position. Members attending agreed to this.


Grainne Smith was appointed as Auditor


No Notices of Motion were received




Ed Farrell proposed that a Special General Meeting be held in order to get members together.


He said that this year the club competition were a bit of a disaster and proposed that next year they should go on all season


It was agreed that before entries for the BLI/LBLI are entered that a Special meeting be called for the purpose of discussing the forthcoming season. This was agreed unanimously.


The cost of the cleaning of the green was discussed and it was agreed that this matter be left to the incoming committee to sort out.


The cost of replacing the top mat was raised by Ed Farrell and he said that such undertaking would cost anything between £28,000 and £37,000. An interest free loan could be available fronm the BLI but not just yet as most of the fund was out.


This matter will have to be looked at as well as the annual cost of the cleaning of the green, which should be the responsibility of ALSAA.


Ann O’Meara asked when the finals of the club competitions were to take placeand it was agreed that they would take place on Sunday 23rd October 2016.


The Christmas get together and presentation of prizes is to be discussed by the incoming committee and the members are to be circulated about it.


There being no further business the meeting was closed and the President thanked all those who had attended.






Aer Lingus Bowls Club

Minutes of 26th Annual General Meeting 2015.

Held on 28th Sept 2015


President Norina welcomed everyone to the Clubs 26th A G M.

She called for a Minutes silent prayer for all deceased members of the club.

She thanked the committee for their co-operation and hard work during the year, also the team captains for their efforts in running the various teams and all who helped, at the various club events during the year

She thanked Joe Fitzsimons for keeping club members in touch with the Digital age and encouraged people to login to the website more often.

She also would like to thank all the members for their concern and support during Roy’s illness


Ray Mooney Nicky Radford H Harris B Sheppard P McGonigle Ann Maguire Roy Savage Eithne O’Sullivan. Attendance was 26 or 38%

Minutes of 2014 AGM

The minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting were read by the Hon Secretary, Jim Bradshaw proposed and Tommy Doyle seconded that they be accepted, Signed by the President.

Matters arising from minutes

The ongoing saga of the government grant was discussed once again in a lively debate with both sides

putting strong arguments depending on their point of view ,eventually the Chairperson put a proposal to the floor that we continue with the restructuring as planned, on a show of hands those for the proposal 11 votes those against 13 votes proposal defeated.

It was agreed that the incoming committee approach the Dept of Sport with a change of purpose to use the grant monies to fund the re-carpeting of the green which is 15 years old and needs replacing.


Hon Secretaries Report

The Hon Secs report which had been circulated to the members earlier be taken as read was proposed by Ed Farrell and seconded by Tommy Doyle.

Hon Treasurers Report

Anne ran through the salient points of her report and said we are in a healthy position showing a profit of €2474-00 for the year, and had a Bank balance of €3997-81and Credit Union shares of €4245-00

Nicky Brown proposed and Jim Bradshaw seconded that the report be accepted.

Report of Team Captains

Pauline Gargan said that that the team had finished in 4th position 2 pts behind Skerries which was a good place considering they had to play short a few times she thanked all the ladies for their co-operation .She was glad the catering had been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Pauline said she was not seeking re-election and she wished the new Captain all the best for next season.

She thanked Marion Harrington Anne O’Meara and all the ladies for doing the cleaning during the year.

Div 1 Captain Shay Tyrrell said he was satisfied with the team’s performance in finishing 2nd again this year. They had to win their last game against Dun Laoghaire by at least 5 shots to claim 2nd place for the 3rd year in succession, he thanked all the players for their co-operation, including those from the 3rd Div who had to stand in at short notice, Shay thanked Michael & Paddy joint captains of Div 3 for their co-operation in making players available to the Div 1 team at short notice.

He was also glad that the catering problem had been resolved they always wanted to support Alsaa

They were happy to be back and that the catering was working out well,

Shay said he was also not seeking re-election and assured his successor his full support.

Paddy Harrington spoke on behalf of Michael Craven and himself, they were happy with finishing in 5th position in the league and reaching the final of the O’Dea cup, losing to Bray by 10 shots who were also Div 3 winners, a good season despite having to play short on numerous occasions,he thanked all the players for their support and particularly the newest members who were thrown in at the deep-end a few times for which Michael and I were very grateful.

Hon Sec reported that the Vets had a tough season, despite winning 5 match’s they finished at the bottom of their league but the experience gained will stand to them next season, the standard in the Vets is relatively high as you are meeting players drawn from all divisions, you have to be over 60 to qualify.

Election of Officers

The following were duly Proposed /Seconded and elected as officers of the Club for the year 2015/2016

President Joe Tyrrell Proposed Tommy Doyle

Seconded Ed Farrell

Vice President Des Walsh Proposed P Harrington

Seconded Nicky O’Meara

Hon Secretary Jim Bradshaw Proposed P Harrington

Seconded Shay Tyrrell

Hon Treasurer Ed Farrell Proposed Anne O’Meara

Seconded Joe Tyrrell

Election of Captains

Ladies Ladies meeting Proposed


Ladies V Captain Ladies Meeting

Mens Joe Tyrrell Proposed Nicky Brown

Seconded Ed Farrell

Men’s V /Captain Mens Meeting

Winter League Pauline Gargan Proposed Nicky

Seconded Marion Harrington

Div 3 and Vets Mens meeting

Election of Auditor

Grainne Smith was re-elected Hon Auditor Proposed Nuala Radford

Seconded Anne O’Meara

Election of Committee

The following members were elected to the General Committee:

Nuala Radford, Ann Maguire ,Norina Savage, Anne Walsh and Tommy Doyle

The LBLI / BLI delegates will be – Nuala Radford and Ed Farrell



That the clubs Mixed Pairs competition be changed to a 2 Bowl competition.

Proposed; Nuala Radford

Passed: Unanimously

That a team’s shot difference For/Against be included in the BLI’s League Tables

Proposer; Joe Fitzsimons

To be forwarded to BLI Secretary for inclusion in the BLI’s AGM.

Other Business

Norina said that she noticed in some clubs they had a “Buddy” system in place, to help new members learn the rudiments of the game, including the Etiquette of playing Bowls, which she said was becoming lax in our club.

The Hon Sec said he had been approached by Westmanstown BC enquiring if it was possible to join AerLingus BC for the winter months, they would want to play at least twice a week ( mid-week).

They have been playing for the past few years every Tuesday from 11 to 1pm it which raises €700/800 yearly

They would pay a fixed sum for the 6 months .

After some discussion it was agreed P Harrington would contact their Rep and ascertain what conditions they would require and what charge they would/could pay.

They would have to sign a visitors book each visit for insurance purposes.

A Letter from Anthony Kieran was read out by his Daughter thanking the club and all its members for their very generous monetary support of the Irish Deaf Bowlers team in the recent Deaf Bowls International games held in Belfast (Belmont)

He said he enjoyed every minute of his International experience.

He thanked Shay for selecting him to play in the 1st Div, also Paddy and Des for giving him the opportunity to play Div 3 & Vets bowls on a regular basis.

He also thanked Nicky & Anne for travelling to Belmont to support him & his fellow bowlers .

Nuala Radford wanted to thank all club members for their support during their sad bereavement of their

daughter Nicola.

Norina said that her final act as President was to bestow on a club member the honorary membership of the club for her efforts in keeping the green surrounds looking magnificent all year long.

It was the unanimous decision by the committee that Anne O’Meara receives the award.

There being no further business to conduct, Norina closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending

Signed: Date: